Dear David Brooks, Joe Lieberman, Etcetera

Opposing the war in Iraq is not the same as endorsing terrorism. It is not the same as refusing to engage in a protracted military and political struggle against terrorist movements. The war in Iraq is not the war on terror.

Uncritical, slavish support for the war in Iraq is sabotaging the struggle against terrorism. Uncritical endorsement of the Bush Administration’s attempt to claim unlimited executive authority in a definitionally endless state of war is undermining the defense of liberty and democracy here and abroad.

Bipartisanship is not endorsement of the entirety of the current Republican Party political agenda.

You want to see someone betraying the cause of freedom and aiding terrorism? See someone uninterested in bipartisanship? Take a look in the mirror, David. Check your driver’s license, Joe. Same for the rest of you who parrot the same spin.

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