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Marwick Papers, File 10. Killie Campbell Africana Library, Durban.

Chief C.J.L. Kekana to J.S. Marwick, May 2nd 1901

“Honourable sir
I am from home
Now I let you know that my place is not realy saved Sir I beg you to permit me to go home next week now what I am telling you is this sir, I am beg you to know to give me the privilege about Mr. Pretorius. If wants to kill me I must fight with him, he is getting mind of killing me well of cause if he do so I will kill him if he is strong he will kill me if he is weak I will kill him.
Sir be of so good to permit me
To home on the same day
What I will mention
The time I will call there

I remain truly yours obedient servant,”

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