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British South Africa Police, March 31 1952
Security Branch Memorandum No. 64

Report on a meeting of Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia Congress members in Que Que reserve, March 23rd 1952, about 24 people

“The following points will serve to illustrate the course of the speeches:

1. Natives are being ill treated in Southern Rhodesia.
2. If you try to build a store here, it is visited by Europeans who try to arrest you so that your store will be taken away.
3. There is no time to pray to the Queen because we are always carrying heavy burdens on our heads.
4. All natives are being chased across the Zambesi where there are many lions and nothing is prepared.
5. We want to be a third British race. So far only Asiatics and Europeans are British.
6. No recognition has been given to the African war effort. The King had told African ex-soldiers how pleased he was with them. Mr. Huggins is the one who is doing these bad things.
7. Mr. Huggins wants to make other countries like Southern Rhodesia.”

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