One More Dog On the Pile



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5 Responses to One More Dog On the Pile

  1. emschwar says:

    I can’t help myself either.

    Wii not?

  2. mjh says:


  3. Milo says:

    I never understand the foolishness of some companies when naming their products.

  4. Endie says:

    Maybe – and I’m serious here – to someone from Japan it’s a great name. But they surely hired some very expensive brand consultants to tell them that in a lot of countries it has, erm, genito-urinary connotations. And that in general we decadent gaijin like acronyms or things that sound like they might once have had some distant sort of latinate roots.

    But for me the worst bit about it is not the fact that it’s still unclear (after several days) just what I am meant to say out loud. What I really hate is the explanation behind it. If you weren’t so against the overuse of intensifiers these days I would have made that last statement a lot longer and more obscene.

  5. abstractart says:

    It’s pronounced “we”, like the pronoun. That’s the desired implication — two “I”‘s put together in a “we”, talking about how the new system encourages cooperative or competitive gameplay and is part of all of us moving together into the future, or something.

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