Caiman on the Crum

Well, that was a different sort of story to read in the local newspaper. A four-and-a-half foot caiman was found by the cops in the little creek that runs below the college, about a half-mile south of the college. They even had pictures: not an urban legend. Just as long as they don’t find my pet sasquatch I’m hiding in the woods down there, I guess.

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2 Responses to Caiman on the Crum

  1. tozier says:

    You know, I worked with somebody, rather trustworthy and not prone to practical jokes, who earnestly believed they saw a sasquatch in your neck of the woods. Relatively speaking, your neck: up in the Alabama part of the state, near the Grand Canyon of PA.

    Just sayin’.

    Was it yours?

  2. Timothy Burke says:

    No, that was just me going for a hike.

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