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Cool Pizza!

There was a brief item in the NY Times food section this week about Waldy Malouf’s new pizza joint in Chelsea. Sounds fantastic: the two toppings they mentioned in the article were: 1) Braised lamb, roasted lemon 2) Arugula, garlic, … Continue reading

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Now I Guess I Have to Buy a Sports Car

Well, that was a good trip: two interesting conferences, some fun in between, family and friends along the way. I loved most of the places we visited, both cities and wilder areas. Try as I might to feel otherwise, the … Continue reading

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Don’t Pet the Hyena

The main question with Zimbabwe now is the question we used to ask about Sani Abacha’s regime in Nigeria: namely, how bad can it get? As low as Zimbabwe has sunk lately, there are still further depths to mine. It … Continue reading

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It’s a Good Good (Bad Bad) World

A quick thought that I may try to rework more thoroughly later. Boulette’s Larder pleased me partially because the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food influences there were so deep and so obviously the product of thorough study and understanding. The … Continue reading

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The Good Stuff: Details

This morning we had breakfast at Boulette’s Larder. Scrambled eggs with buttery fried bread crumbs on top, an idea I’ve never seen before that works really well. I bought some really interesting spice mixes–one of them a barbecue rub with … Continue reading

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The Good Stuff

A quick stop in Vegas to be part of a roundtable of very cool people on virtual worlds. Played limit hold’em for about four hours–first time I’ve done that outside of home games, and I did pretty well, though I … Continue reading

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Excuse Me?

Looking over the much-blogged-about list compiled by a panel of noted conservatives of the “ten most dangerous books”, I have to say that my ability to imagine or appreciate what other people are thinking deserts me a bit. I readily … Continue reading

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