Cool Pizza!

There was a brief item in the NY Times food section this week about Waldy Malouf’s new pizza joint in Chelsea. Sounds fantastic: the two toppings they mentioned in the article were:

1) Braised lamb, roasted lemon
2) Arugula, garlic, cheese and fried egg.

I decided to try making the latter last night, using gruyere and goat cheese. (Gruyere for base, then arugula and finely chopped garlic, then four fried eggs over easy with yolks as liquid as I could get them, goat cheese on top.)

Insanely good, even without a wood-fired oven.

Just curious about the best unusual pizza topping various people have encountered.

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4 Responses to Cool Pizza!

  1. djw says:

    Damn, that sounds good.
    Eggs and goat cheese on before or after cooking?
    What, if anything, did you do about sauce?

  2. Timothy Burke says:

    No sauce.

    Eggs and goat cheese on before cooking–I prefried the eggs, lightly.

  3. sharon says:

    I totally adore Nigel Slater’s recipe for potato pizza (in his Real Food). The topping is simply thinly sliced waxy potatoes (boiled), thin sliced fried onion, thyme, taleggio or fontina cheese, and creme fraiche. (And it must be a very thin crispy base.) But I am no good at making dough, so I only get it when a friend makes it for me, once or twice a year. The recipe is here , in fact (though Nigel doesn’t get a mention).

  4. Endie says:

    Well, this one sounds pretty revolting, I admit, but an Edinburgh pizzeria started serving haggis and banana pizzas a while back, and they really do taste fairly spectacular. In a good way…

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