What is a screen reader?

A screen reader is a piece of software which reads web pages and documents out loud. Originally developed for persons who were visually impaired, it is now often used for a multitude of other reasons. Many who may have learning challenges, concussion syndrome, or those who simply want to listen to their email or a […]

How Swarthmore Uses Lynda.com

Over roughly four years, Swarthmore has used Lynda.com videos to expand our knowledge.  A quick glance through the courses completed suggests that folks use Lynda for class-related activity the most (great!) — but peeking at the long tail of courses shows that we are well-rounded and might even have fun, too (see: Ethical Hacking, YouTube for […]

Students gather around a laptop computer listening to a podcast

Language & Identity in the African Experience Podcast Project

Students from Professor Jamie A. Thomas’ Spring 2017 linguistics seminar, Language and Identity in the African Experience: From Kenya to Mexico, recently completed a semester long project creating a podcast series titled AFROLATINX PODCAST™ and a informative and media-rich website companion Language & Identity in the African Experience. AfroLatinx Podcast™ “features the voices of Latinx people, offering a series of […]

Research Data Backup

It’s the start of research season at Swarthmore and faculty and students will be working hard writing, collecting, and calculating all kinds of data.  How can you keep your research data safe? Fortunately, ITS provides a variety of backup solutions depending on your specific needs. Product Optimal Use Case CrashPlan All your data fits on your office […]

Disappearing student work (how to avoid)!

As we are all now using Google Drive to store and collect content from students and each other, we’d like to bring to your attention a sometimes overlooked inconvenience… If you have asked students to submit content to you by sharing files from their own Google accounts, or by placing them into folders you provide […]

Two men standing in from of projection screen giving a presentation in front of audience

5 Takeaways on Active Learning From Last Week’s Teaching with Technology Forum

Last week ITS hosted the Teaching with Technology Forum where we highlighted ideas and concepts around Active Learning. In an attempt to create an immersive experience for our faculty and staff, we invited guest speaker Jeff Klemens of Philadelphia University to give an interactive presentation on Active Learning. In addition, we completely overhauled the furniture in […]

LACOL Language Hack-a-thon @ Language Center

LACOL’s Language Instruction working group will hold a 3-day intensive workshop (also known as a hack­-a­-thon) to prototype a shared online diagnostic and refresher framework. The face-to-face event is being organized by Mike Jones, Director of the Language Resource Center and Media Lab at Swarthmore College, guided by a core team of faculty and language […]

students in active learning classroom

Active Learning Inside the Classroom

What is Active Learning? You may have been hearing us talk a lot more about Active Learning lately in regards to our upcoming Teaching with Technology Forum and other classroom spaces on campus. The term Active Learning may sound a bit alarming or even chaotic, but many of our faculty are already practicing these techniques […]

Sneak Peek: Lynda Insights

Since late summer 2013, Swarthmore users have had access to the entire library of Lynda.com videos (found at lynda.swarthmore.edu).  During that time, we’ve had 1284 users watch 47,272 videos for a total of 3397 hours.  Are you missing out? At the time of this post, there are 5755 courses totalling 212,653 video tutorials available, on topics […]