Diversity is Normal

Accessibility in electronic communication has a legal definition.  It is really long, detailed and a little tedious but is something we need to pay attention to.  For myself and many others, accessibility is mostly about the varying degrees of learning differences that exist and educating ourselves about how to support and include those differences in […]

Arduino Inventor’s Kits Now Available for Checkout

Arduino is an open source electronics platform that you can program to interact with the real world: make lights flash, buzzers buzz, and motors spin.  You can use Arduinos to build an invention, animate a sculpture, or automate your house.   ITS has purchased several Arduino-based SparkFun Inventor’s Kits now available for checkout from the Media Center. […]

Example of Full Screen Scalar Splash Page

Scalar Web Projects and Non-linear Presentations

Recently, we have been exploring an exciting new tool for course web projects called Scalar. Scalar works much like the popular blogging tool and publishing platform WordPress; you create pages of content through a text editor, then publish, and present those to your readers. Scalar expands on this by allowing the reader to traverse collections of information […]

Aerial  view of Clothier Hall and Sproul Hall.

Quadcopters at Swarthmore

You can get amazing video and still shots that previously would have required a full sized helicopter or significant crane and boom equipment with current quadcopter drones (small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) in the parlance of the FAA). Current guidance systems take advantage of GPS positioning and smart controls to provide a very easy to use […]

New Digital Tools for Reading

I recently read an interesting article in Educause Review talking about the development of a series of tools to support Social Reading. These tools vary in how they work, but generally allow individuals to create notes/questions about a digital text and then allow the Professor (and possibly fellow students in the class) to see all […]


Projection Mapping

Following last Halloween’s experimental projection mapping on the water tower, ITS has continued to engage in digital place-making initiatives. Now in partnership with the Trico Colleges and Swarthmore’s Department of Theater, we are preparing to create large-scale art installations, via light projection, across campus. We’ve recently set up two projectors to cover the ceiling of the Language […]

Spring 2017 Academic Technology Workshops Announced

The Swarthmore Academic Technology Spring 2017 Lunchtime Workshop series is now available. We have a lineup of sessions available to the entire campus community. The first half of the workshops are focused on website and online portfolio development. This is a great chance to learn how to get your content online using modern web publishing […]

white chromebook surrounded by Google app icons

Media Services Has New Chromebooks for Student Checkout!

Media Services has new Chromebooks for students to checkout! They now have a limited number of Chromebooks designated for student use on a short term basis. This may be really helpful for someone whose laptop is under repair or needs a laptop on the fly.