Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Across the world today, people are paying attention to what it means to be a person with a disability.  As a technologist I’d like to suggest some simple tasks to help you learn about some of ways people use assistive technology to get around the web and/or their mobile devices. Say “goodbye” to your mouse Detach your mouse and try navigating using only your keyboard.  The following keys can be used: Tab key: Navigates to most elements, usually links or buttons.  If the website is built correctly you should see an outline around each element as to tab to it.  … Continue reading Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Two Word docs side by side, with and without styles

Formatting Syllabi in Word (or any other Word document)

Along with delicious coffee provided by our in-house Coffee Barista, Dave Neal, and scrumptious treats we enjoyed a great conversation at our mini-session which focused on a couple of quick tips for formatting syllabi using Microsoft Word. When we structure … Continue reading Formatting Syllabi in Word (or any other Word document)