Topographic Map of Swarthmore College

ArcGIS Enterprise Server at Swarthmore!

Built initially to host and internally publish data on the underground utilities of the campus for our Facilities work, ArcGIS Enterprise is the foundational software system for supporting GIS broadly across the campus; powering mapping and visualization, analytics, and data management. … Continue reading ArcGIS Enterprise Server at Swarthmore!

A Fall Semester in the Makerspace

Early in the semester, we posted the ways in which we have adapted to the pandemic while aiming to provide a safe space for makers on Swarthmore’s campus, as well as provide resources for makers at home. As we draw near to the end of the Fall semester, we are happy to report that we have great projects to look back on. Online Webinar Series We’ve gone remote with our workshops to bring Makerspace resources to you. Some of the webinars we have hosted this semester so far have included 3D Scanning, Wood Finishing Basics, Small Wood Carving: What’s a … Continue reading A Fall Semester in the Makerspace