Getting help when YOU need it!

Information Technology Services staff are in the office throughout the regular work day at Swarthmore and usually a bit beyond. And we love to talk with and help out members of the community with technology related questions. However you can … Continue reading Getting help when YOU need it!

Woodworking and Sustainability

An Environmental Studies capstone class centered around climate urgency taught by Professor Giovanna Di Chiro has a group of 5 students who have chosen to focus on sustainable woodworking. Using the MakerSpace and Engineering lab, students Kyle Richmond-Crosset, Ethan Chapman, Tessa Hannigan, Alicia Lopez-Torres and Eriko Shrestha, have been using reclaimed and found wood to create a variety of handmade items. Some of the projects they have been working on are cutting coasters from logs, whittling spoons and slabbing out Mancala boards. These handmade items give them the opportunity to practice re-skilling while relinquishing the idea of perfection in industrial … Continue reading Woodworking and Sustainability