Satirist George Saunders Strikes Again

… and none of yer nostalgia-y haze is safe. Makes me almost forgive Mr. Bob Dylan’s own liner notes.

I’m just sorry George had to leave off mentioning ELO’s “concept” albums, or Jethro Tull’s, or the majestick edifices of that group named Floyd Pink I think it was.

PS: look for the “us” sentences. Them is sure funny.

PPS: And while enjoying yer spliff ponder the Proustian effervescences of Time in this concluding one: “I will always be glad that I was to have been part of this, and then, at a later time, was being part of this, and then, at an even later time, had been part of this, and then, at a much later time, when I am old, I will know that I once had been glad to have had been part of this.”

George Saunder’s “Liner Notes,” from The New Yorker, June 23 2014

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