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Since WordPress is such an immense pain to use and revise or reorder, my main page for publishing my online essays is now  see

Some essays are still posted here.  See my WordPress blog’s drop-down menu, including Selected Essays and (for more academic essays) this blog’s Publications menu.

For older essays designed in the time of a much older Web, see links below.


Peter Schmidt / Older Web Essays includes the following pieces:

• Gamer: On Video and Computer Games

• On Ruins and Prophecy

• Ankh, Snail, Blood, and Knot: A Virtual Tour of Nefertari’s Tomb in Egypt

• “Instant Relatives“: Finding Family Photos in Second-Hand Stores

• Frank Sinatra’s Hair

• On Xena: Warrior Princess, and Hercules

• Undead Elvis (for the 20th anniversary of his passing)

• On Seshat, Egyptian Goddess of Archives

• Rolywholyover Comes to Philadelphia: A Virtual for John Cage

• Word Up: On Discovering Civilizations in Outer Space (and Them Discovering Us)




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