Key Terms in Gary Shteyngart’s Super Sad True Love Story (2010)

Annotations by undergraduate students in Professor Peter Schmidt’s “U.S. Fiction 1945 to the Present” English 52B class, Swarthmore College, Spring 2013
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania USA

The following key terms in the novel are annotated below (see the link). If you find these annotations useful and want to use any, PLEASE give credit to this page and to the specific students involved in the annotations (s) that you use.

• AlliedWasteCVSCitigroupCredit, pp. 2-3 in the pdf linked to this page
• American Restoration Authority (ARA), pp. 4-6
• Äppärät, Äppäräti, p. 7
• FAC (Form a Community), pp. 8-9
• Fox Liberty Ultra/Fox Liberty Prime, pp. 10-11
• Harm Reduction, p. 12
• HNWI (High Net Worth Individual), pp. 13-14
• JuicyPussy, p. 15
• PhD (Pretty Huge Dick), p. 16
• RateMe and RateMe Plus, p. 17
• ROFLAARP, p. 18
• UnitedContinentalDeltamerican, p. 19
• Video Spray, p. 20

Super Sad True annotations

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