Tagging the Glass Essay poem (Anne Carson)

Sometimes ‘tagging’ texts to aid computer searches is utterly fatuous. Here are the tags the Poetry Foundation website uses to catalog the ‘subjects’ of Anne Carson’s magnificent poem “The Glass Essay.” The list below could easily be in a Carson poem, but then it would be invigorating & wry, not this endless march of moronic clichés:

“Break-ups & Vexed Love, Heartache & Loss, Realistic & Complicated, Home Life, Faith & Doubt, Time & Brevity, Separation & Divorce, Social Commentaries, History & Politics, Disappointment & Failure, Family & Ancestors, God & the Divine, Reading & Books, Arts & Sciences, Relationships, Nature, The Body, Love, Living, Religion, Sorrow & Grieving, Men & Women, Desire….”

(And not a word letting us know that Emily and Charlotte Brontë are major figures in the poem!)

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