Third Class Superhero

Depressed by seeing a not-that-great movie that everyone assured me was a Great Movie, a Pow! Wowie Zowie! Movie, I avenge myself by re-reading Charles Yu’s short story “Third Class Superhero.”

The story begins as follows:

“Got a letter today and guess what: still not a superhero.

‘Dear Applicant,’ [not a good sign] ‘the number of qualified candidates this year blah blah far exceeded the number of available blah.’

“I scan the list of people who did make it.  A lot of them graduated with me.  It’s the usual assortment of the strong and beautiful.  About half are fireball shooters.  A few are ice makers.  Half a dozen telepath/empaths.  A couple of brutes, a shape-shifter, a few big brains….”

I begin to feel better.

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