Could these 2 L. Frank Baum stories from 1910 be witty allegories about race, colonialism, and immigration?

These two chapters involving Dorothy and her friends are from Baum’s sequel to The Wizard of Oz (1900), The Emerald City of Oz (1910). Chapter 12, “How They Matched the Fuddles,” and Chapter 17, “How They Came to Bunbury.”

Use the link below to download a pdf of both short pieces by Baum:

Both are featured in my English 52A class at Swarthmore, “U.S. Fiction, 1900-1950.” Students are very engaged proposing different ways to interpret what’s going on, especially when I give them information on debates occurring in the early twentieth century about the new U.S. empire abroad, Jim Crow at home, and other points of contention.

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