Electronic Blue Books and Online Testing

Swarthmore ITS supports faculty interested in moving from paper blue books to their electronic equivalents.  Swarthmore uses SecureExam software to allow students to take tests on public area computers while providing a safe and secure way of administering tests.  Many students prefer typing to writing and the software provides a basic word processor and spell checking tools.  Many faculty prefer reading typed papers instead of deciphering handwritten pages.  The software prevents students from accessing other programs while taking the test so it is possible to have a “closed book” exam.  At the end of the exam, students submit their work and … Continue reading Electronic Blue Books and Online Testing

Trotter 201 Transformed into a Hybrid Learning Environment

Over the summer, ITS set out to extend the functionality of the learning space in Trotter 201. Based upon feedback from faculty and staff members, new furniture has been installed that can quickly transform the space from a computer classroom to a traditional discussion environment in moments. The monitors in each workstation are attached to articulating arms that easily glide below the desk surface, removing the monitor as a distraction during more discussion based portions of a class. When it’s time to return to the computer, students can simply bring the monitors back above the desk and resume working where … Continue reading Trotter 201 Transformed into a Hybrid Learning Environment

Important Security Warning for Internet Explorer Users

UPDATE: Microsoft has released a patch for this important security hole. Your Windows PC should’ve installed the patch already (indicated by a pesky need to reboot). If not or if you’re unsure, you can run Microsoft Update (or Windows Update) or go to the Microsoft Download Center. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A security exposure was recently discovered within Internet Explorer (IE) that could allow malicious software to be installed on your computer without your knowledge. There is virtually no limit to what this malicious software could do once installed but might include logging user keystrokes, stealing passwords, etc. Simply browsing an infected or … Continue reading Important Security Warning for Internet Explorer Users

Network Update – Fix for Remaining Problems

The restart of the Beardsley core at 12:50 PM today did fix a number of problems including wireless access in the academic/administrative buildings. The wireless network should be working normally except for Guest Wireless which we expect to have operational shortly. Computers directly connected to a network jack were also fixed at that time. However, we have another residual problem with computers connected to a Cisco phone. In many cases, these computers are still not able to obtain network access. In those cases, a simple procedure will correct this problem. If your computer is connected to your phone you can … Continue reading Network Update – Fix for Remaining Problems

Academic Tech Fair – Highlights

The Spring 2008 Academic Technology Fair had something for everyone, especially our three iPod raffle winners. Crowds gathered throughout the day at our eight tables filled with gadgets, widgets and multimedia displays. Lots of interesting conversations came up as faculty and staff shared their ideas and experiences with technology for teaching, research and collaboration. Congratulations to the three winners of the iPod Shuffle raffle! They are Tom Stephenson, Professor of Chemistry, Tami Gura, Animal Facility Manager in Biology, and Bronwen Densmore, Reference & Instruction Intern in McCabe Library. Eric Behrens and Mike Bednarz of ITS draw a winner from the … Continue reading Academic Tech Fair – Highlights

New Printers in McCabe

Get ready for more efficient printing from the computer stations in McCabe. ITS has installed two new high-speed self-service Ricoh printers, which are located on the 1st level. All printing from McCabe computers is directed to the new printers. The printers are setup to print on both sides of a sheet of paper (a process called duplexing). To reduce waste, please pickup up your printouts immediately. These printers are very fast, hold up to 7,000 sheets and replace two older retired HP printers which have provided millions of printed pages to students over the years. If you have any questions … Continue reading New Printers in McCabe