New Printers in McCabe

Get ready for more efficient printing from the computer stations in McCabe. ITS has installed two new high-speed self-service Ricoh printers, which are located on the 1st level. All printing from McCabe computers is directed to the new printers. The printers are setup to print on both sides of a sheet of paper (a process called duplexing). To reduce waste, please pickup up your printouts immediately. These printers are very fast, hold up to 7,000 sheets and replace two older retired HP printers which have provided millions of printed pages to students over the years. If you have any questions … Continue reading New Printers in McCabe

Wireless Improvements in McCabe

ITS installed and activated nine new wireless access points in McCabe library over October break. After a survey of McCabe was completed, it was determined that these access points were needed to improve wireless reception around the perimeter of the 2nd and 3rd floor and in the Friends Library and Peace Collection. While wireless doesn’t cover every square inch of McCabe, ITS believes all spaces are covered where a student or staff member would sit down at a desk, table, or chair with their laptop. In addition, ITS is in the process of making changes to the laptops on loan … Continue reading Wireless Improvements in McCabe