Network Update – Fix for Remaining Problems

The restart of the Beardsley core at 12:50 PM today did fix a number of problems including wireless access in the academic/administrative buildings. The wireless network should be working normally except for Guest Wireless which we expect to have operational shortly. Computers directly connected to a network jack were also fixed at that time. However, we have another residual problem with computers connected to a Cisco phone. In many cases, these computers are still not able to obtain network access. In those cases, a simple procedure will correct this problem. If your computer is connected to your phone you can correct the problem by performing the following steps:

Turn your Cisco phone over. If there is only one cable attached to the phone and your computer is not working, e-mail the help desk as this procedure will not solve the problem.

If you see two cables attached to the phone, pull one cable out of the jack on the phone and re-insert it. Then pull the other cable out and re-insert it. Please do this one cable at a time so that you insure that the cables go back into the same jack that they came from.

This will momentarily disrupt power to your phone causing it to restart. You will see some activity on the phone screen and within 5 minutes your normal line appearances will appear.

Once that has happened, bring up a network application such as a web browser and verify that your computer is now connected to the network. If it still is not connected, restart your computer.

ITS staff have tested this method in a number of buildings and it has solved all the remaining network problems for those individuals. If you are are still having problems, do e-mail the ITS help desk. In the morning, we will have additional staff from TransNet to assist individuals with performing the above procedure or resolving any other network access problems.

Please do share this e-mail with your officemates who don’t currently have network access.

We appreciate your patience with the disruptions this has caused today. Up to now, we have been focused on resolving the problem but will now turn our attention to an analysis of what may have set this chain of events off at approximately Midnight last night.