Print Release Station Saves Trees, CO2, Real $$

The Print Release Stations, which we’ve tested a bit in McCabe, and have been testing in the Beardsley Media Center continuously since Spring Break, have led to real savings in resources not used…  that is, jobs that people send to the printer, but choose not to actually print (or just forget to pick up).

In the past one month (April 5, 2011 to May 5, 2011) we have saved a total of 8,159 pages, of which, 5,847 were color pages and 2,312 were grayscale.  They would have been printed on 5,807 sheets of paper (some people choose duplex).  To put a value on this, it translates to approximately $1653.29 (when you add up the page costs, including electricity, paper, toner, ink, etc.).

Possibly more interesting, this translates into 49.9 kg of CO2, or 1,645.3 hours burning a light bulb or 7.214% of a tree!

For more information on the Print Release Stations, please contact Seth Frisbie-Fulton, or Doug Willen.