Swarthmore Athletics Department Announces Special Award Winners at 2010 Banquet

SWARTHMORE, Pa. - The Swarthmore College Athletics Department recently announced the winners of its annual special awards at the 2010 Awards Banquet, which took place on Monday from Upper Tarble.

Lew Elverson Award

This award is given in honor of Lew Elverson, professor of physical education for men from 1937 to1978. Established in 1994, the award is presented annually to the junior or senior man who has demonstrated commitment and dedication to excellence, achieving the highest degree of excellence in his sport.

Winner: Jimmy Gill, Baseball

Gladys Irish Award

The Gladys Irish Award is given to the junior or senior woman who, through her commitment, dedication, and the pure enjoyment of her sport, has achieved the highest degree of excellence.

Winner: Anne Miller, Swimming

Kwink Trophy

For many years, the managerial organization known as the Society of Kwink was active on campus making valuable contributions to the men’s athletic program. In 1951, Kwink established a trophy to be awarded to a senior man who best exemplified the five principles of the Society of Kwink - Service, Spirit, Scholarship, Society, and Sportsmanship.

Winner: Matt Allen

Dinny Rath Award

This award was given by the Friends of Swarthmore Athletics in honor of Dinny Rath, who chaired the Women’s Physical Education Department, coached primarily women’s swimming and archery, and taught numerous physical education classes from 1931-1965.

This award is presented to a senior woman who demonstrates the highest degree of achievement, along with a regard for fair play, and awareness of the positive values of competition, while contributing to the intellectual life of the Swarthmore community.

Winner: Rachel Wallwork, Tennis

Tim Berman Award

Presented to the senior man who best combines qualities of scholarship, athletic skill, artistic sensitivity, respect from and influence on peers, courage and sustained commitment to excellence.

Winner: Jeff Lazarus, Golf

May E. Parry Award

Given by Parry’s class of 1925, to the senior woman who, by her loyalty, sportsmanship, versatility and skill in athletics, has made a valuable contribution to Swarthmore College.

Winner: Kathryn Riley, Softball

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Ernie Prudente Sportsmanship Award

This award is given in honor of Ernie Prudente, coach and professor at Swarthmore College for 27 years, to the athlete that through his or her participation, has demonstrated the characteristics exemplified by Ernie: sportsmanship, love of the sport, and respect for their teammates.

Winners: Omari Faakye, Soccer - Kearney Bangs, Volleyball

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Robert Dunn Award

Established in 1962 by a group of alumni to honor the late Robert H. Dunn, a former Swarthmore coach for over 40 years, this trophy is presented annually to the sophmore man who has contributed the most to the intercollegiate athletic program.

Winner: Micah Rose, Soccer

Eleanor Kay Hess Award

This award is given in honor of  "Pete" Hess, whose 33 years of service to Swarthmore College and Swarthmore students were exemplified by her love of athletics, leadership hard work, fairness and objectivity. This award is given to the Swarthmore woman who best demonstrates those qualities.

Winner: Genny Pezzola, Women's Basketball/Volleyball

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