Green Advisors to monitor energy usage in the Beardsley Media Center

ITS, Media Services and the Office of Sustainability’s Green Advisors Program are currently working on a project aimed at reducing computer energy usage across campus. The first stage of the project will be to monitor energy usage in the Beardsley Media Center. We will collect quantitative data on our electricity usage while implementing strategies to reduce the electricity demand from computers in the lab. We aim to create behavioral changes in how students interact with computers (i.e. ensuring students/staff turn off machines at the end of the night or leaving inactive machines in sleep mode). Additionally, we will explore potential … Continue reading Green Advisors to monitor energy usage in the Beardsley Media Center

Media Architecture

If you walked through the Science Center Quad between 7:00 and 9:00pm over Halloween weekend, you may have felt a conspicuous presence. And if you looked skyward, you probably noticed that you were being observed from the water tower – or more accurately by the water tower, which had been transformed into a giant, animated eyeball by members of the Theater Department, LPAC Production Office, and ITS. That idea, later entitled “Who’s Watching” by Scott Burgess, came about during a conversation between us  at the 2016 Media Architecture Summit (MAS). At MAS, we learned about digital placemaking through large-scale light … Continue reading Media Architecture

3D Printing Data

red 3D printed triangles that make a pie chart
Photo by Jen Grayburn

Last month I attended The Humanities and Technology Camp also known as THAT Camp for the first time. THAT Camp Philly is an unconference where humanists and technologists of all skill levels learn and build together in sessions proposed on the spot. I attended a very compelling workshop about critical making and the use of 3D Printed Data. Continue reading “3D Printing Data”

New Coordinator for the Beardsley Media Center Arrives

Q: What do Antarctica, Brazil, and the Beardsley Media Center have in common? A: They’re all places that Jeremy Polk has worked. Jeremy Polk joined ITS last week in the role of Media Center Coordinator. Jeremy previously worked as a media producer at the National Science Foundation, where he specialized in documentary filmmaking and media technology support. In 2010-11, he directed and produced three short documentary videos in Antarctica for the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Ice Core Project, for which he was awarded the Antarctica Service Medal of the United States of America. Jeremy has also worked as a … Continue reading New Coordinator for the Beardsley Media Center Arrives