You Won’t Believe How New Technology Has Media Center Power Users Talking

Coming soon to the Media Center – New Wacom Tablets! If you’re a digital artist, engineer, Photoshop/Illustrator enthusiast, or a graphic designer, you’ll be delighted to know the following items are on their way to Beardsley 114. 22-Inch Tablet 24-Inch … Continue reading You Won’t Believe How New Technology Has Media Center Power Users Talking

Multi-level lists in Adobe InDesign

One of the harder things to do in Adobe InDesign, surprisingly for a page layout tool, is to create multilevel or outline format numbered lists.  The right way to accomplish this, according to the folks at Adobe, is to create a Style for every level of the list you’d like to have! Here are Adobe’s instructions on how to do so (This content is taken directly from Create multi-level lists A multi-level list is a list that describes hierarchical relationships between the list paragraphs. These lists are also called outline lists because they resemble outlines. The list’s numbering scheme (as well as indentations) show … Continue reading Multi-level lists in Adobe InDesign

360 Video Becoming Ubiquitous

It’s been nearly three years since YouTube launched support for 360 degree video, and during that time the technology has taken off. Whether used for virtual reality or simply “click-and-drag” playback, 360 video has offered new possibilities to content creators and immersive viewing to audiences. Case in point: … Continue reading 360 Video Becoming Ubiquitous