SwatFiles Upgrade on July 31, 2010

ITS completed an upgrade to the web version of Swatfiles on Saturday, July 31st. The new version is available at http://swatfiles.swarthmore.edu and the dashboard. Existing browser bookmarks to Swatfiles continue to work without change, as does Swatfiles Drive software for those people who use that software. The new version offers several improvements, including: a better bookmarking tool on the Swatfiles menu bar thumbnail views of image files and quick previews of other documents A new “More Actions” button with convenient features like the ability to download whole folders as zip files. improved document searching easier file/folder locking and unlocking. Bookmarks … Continue reading SwatFiles Upgrade on July 31, 2010

Eudora Migration Continues

EUDORA MIGRATION CONTINUES During the summer over 170 faculty and staff members have transitioned from Eudora to another email client. Thunderbird is the most popular email client selected. Beginning in October, ITS will be scheduling a time to migrate current Eudora users. We understand that changing e-mail software can be inconvenient so please consider the following options: you can switch to another e-mail program (apple mail or outlook), or you can follow our recommendation to migrate to Thunderbird. We are happy to assist you with the process now or when it is convenient for you during the next few months. … Continue reading Eudora Migration Continues

Faculty and staff are encouraged to upgrade to Office 2007

Office 2007 Starting this summer, ITS began transitioning the campus from Microsoft Office 2003 (Windows) to Microsoft Office 2007. Starting this semester, all classroom computers, all public and managed departmental labs, and all new machines and setups will have the 2007 versions of Office installed on them. ITS has been working closely with faculty and staff to schedule the upgrade and many departments are now using Office 2007. Office 2007 has changed substantially for Windows users. To ease this transition ITS is offering several overview sessions and we recommend you attend an overview when planning your upgrade. Scheduled dates are; … Continue reading Faculty and staff are encouraged to upgrade to Office 2007

Microsoft Office Overview

ITS is offering an overview of Microsoft Office 2007 to individuals or offices ready to upgrade. The overview will be held each Wednesday at 1:30 PM in Trotter 201 through August 8th. This summer, Office 2007 will be installed on all Windows Systems being upgraded, all computer classrooms and public area systems used by students. Office 2007 for Windows features newly designed menus and toolbars and new file formats. This overview of Office 2007 provides a brief explanation of the new product. After attending the Overview session, ITS will assist with the upgrade to Office 2007. Please register through the … Continue reading Microsoft Office Overview

Mail Server Upgrade

The mail server upgrade has been completed and ITS is working on two remaining issues: Some people are having problems sending email from off campus when using an email client such as; Eudora, Outlook or Thunderbird. If you are having a problem with outgoing messages please use Swatmail, our web interface for sending and receiving email. Also, a few people have reported password problems, ITS is working with a vendor to restore our self-service password changing tool. Continue reading Mail Server Upgrade

New Printers in McCabe

Get ready for more efficient printing from the computer stations in McCabe. ITS has installed two new high-speed self-service Ricoh printers, which are located on the 1st level. All printing from McCabe computers is directed to the new printers. The printers are setup to print on both sides of a sheet of paper (a process called duplexing). To reduce waste, please pickup up your printouts immediately. These printers are very fast, hold up to 7,000 sheets and replace two older retired HP printers which have provided millions of printed pages to students over the years. If you have any questions … Continue reading New Printers in McCabe