Faculty and staff are encouraged to upgrade to Office 2007

Office 2007

Starting this summer, ITS began transitioning the campus from Microsoft Office 2003 (Windows) to Microsoft Office 2007. Starting this semester, all classroom computers, all public and managed departmental labs, and all new machines and setups will have the 2007 versions of Office installed on them. ITS has been working closely with faculty and staff to schedule the upgrade and many departments are now using Office 2007.

Office 2007 has changed substantially for Windows users. To ease this transition ITS is offering several overview sessions and we recommend you attend an overview when planning your upgrade. Scheduled dates are; 10/2, 10/16, 10/30, 11/13 and 12/4. Please register using the campus calendar.

Faculty and Staff, toinstall and begin using Office 2007

Close any Microsoft Office 2003 programs you may have open. You can’t use these programs during the upgrade process.

Click Start and then select Run

Type into the Run line


Click Software, select Windows Software, select, Faculty_and_Staff_Only, click Microsoft Office 2007. Double-click the batch file: Office2007.bat. The installer will start and you will see a progress bar.

Wait for the progress bar to indicate that the install is finished (this should take 20-30 minutes). When the installer is finished, restart your computer.

Why are we transitioning now?

Because MS Office 2007 for Windows has been available for about 20 months and many faculty, staff, and students who have upgraded their computers are using the new versions. In January 2009, Microsoft will no longer support 0ffice 2003 and ITS will only provide support until the end of the academic year.

What is the plan?

As mentioned above, all classroom computers, all public and managed departmental labs have the 2007versions of Office installed on them. New machines and setups will be deployed with the new versions as well. We will be transitioning the remainder of faculty and staff computers over the course of the 08-09 academic year. Office 2007 Overview sessions will be offered throughout the fall. We will be distributing quick-start guides to all attendees. Additional on-line training is available.