SwatFiles Upgrade on July 31, 2010

ITS completed an upgrade to the web version of Swatfiles on Saturday, July 31st. The new version is available at http://swatfiles.swarthmore.edu and the dashboard. Existing browser bookmarks to Swatfiles continue to work without change, as does Swatfiles Drive software for those people who use that software.

The new version offers several improvements, including:

  • a better bookmarking tool on the Swatfiles menu bar
  • thumbnail views of image files and quick previews of other documents
  • A new “More Actions” button with convenient features like the ability to download whole folders as zip files.
  • improved document searching
  • easier file/folder locking and unlocking.

Bookmarks have been moved to a link in the main menu.  You can also arrange bookmarks into folders.

Thumbnail View and Quick View
The thumbnail view will show a small image preview of the file and the associated icon. The thumbnail view does not show additional information.

Quick View expands on the concept of a thumbnail view by launching a new screen with a larger view of the file and includes information about the file’s properties.

More Actions Button
The more actions button contains frequently used options.  Included in the More Actions menu are: Open, Quick View, Lock/Unlock, Save to Zip File, Bookmark, Subscribe, and RSS.

Swatfiles has the ability to save searches so that you can find a grouping of documents you’ve found previously. Saved searches have been moved to the main menu and include more advanced search features.

Lock and Unlock Files and Folders
Use the ‘More Actions’ button to lock and unlock files and folders. Lock a whole folder if you don’t want others to make changes to any of the folder’s documents while you are busy making changes.

Folder Tagging
Previously files within a folder could be tagged with keywords. Now you may also tag the folder itself.

Public and Private Comments
Comment access for a specific file or folder may be set to private or public.  Comments are available under the Manage button.

Advanced Upload
Advanced Upload is the feature that allows you to drag-and-drop large numbers of files and folders for bulk upload over the web. The feature now works in all current versions of major browsers. (Users of Firefox on the Mac had frequent problems with the Advanced Upload. The problem, which was with Firefox, not Swatfiles, has been corrected in the latest version of Firefox, v.3.6.7) This version of Swatfiles also provides the ability to add meta-data classifications (information about files and folders) at the same time you upload files.

Expanded Workflow Features
Workflow templates have many new available workflow options and ITS can consult with you to explore creating workflows, such as document review and approval processes.

Task Reporting
The tasks tab has received a makeover which includes showing the number of tasks currently assigned to you directly on the tasks tab.