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Best Practices in Accessible Online Design

Recently I’ve been impressed with a digital book, Best Practices in Accessible Online Design written expressly for faculty grappling with accessibility of course material for the classroom (or virtual classroom) and what that means to them. This clear, concise and … Continue reading Best Practices in Accessible Online Design

NVDA – Simplified

NVDA from NV Access is a free text to speech tool Microsoft Windows machines. It stands for Non-Visual Desktop Access. It will not work on iOS machines. Many use this tool to listen to content. Here are some simple commands to get you started using NV Access: Note: documentation refers to the NVDA key. The default NVDA key is the insert key. It can be changed to Caps lock when installing NVDA the first time Control + Alt + n to run NVDA NVDA + q to close NVDA Numpad + +to start reading at the top of the page NVDA + down … Continue reading NVDA – Simplified

Free APIs you can use to generate fake data

This post is more for the developers out there, but those working with data in general may find it useful or interesting. There are often times in development where you simply need to generate some data. Well, that’s where fake data APIs come in! Here are some of my favorites: The Dog API The Dog API can be used to retrieve images of dogs. One of the cool things about this API is that you can specify what breed of dog you are looking for. The project maintainers are also accepting requests for new dogs! Cat as a service (CATAAS) … Continue reading Free APIs you can use to generate fake data