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ITS Statistics

What ITS services are people using?  I looked at the activity on a few commonly used campus systems to see what was popular.


Moodle is Swarthmore’s learning management system, used to share course content and allow students to upload assignments, and participate in online activities.

1860 unique logins in the last week
317 active courses for Spring 2019
4296 active courses since 2010
846GB of course content

KnowledgeBase Help Site

Last month, ITS moved all its help documentation to a single site at  We looked at the most popular pages in the last month (on campus traffic only).

Top 10 help pages for the last month:

  1. Software InstallersSoftware
  2. Printing for StudentsPrinting
  3. JMPSoftware
  4. Printing HomePrinting
  5. WirelessInternet Access and Accounts
  6. Printing for Faculty and StaffPrinting
  7. Moodle Home – Moodle – Swarthmore KnowledgeBase
  8. Passwords and Security HomePasswords and Security
  9. KaleidagraphSoftware
  10. McCabe Library PrinterPrinting

GitHub Enterprise

GitHub Enterprise is Swarthmore’s private GitHub server, a collaborative tool for managing, reviewing, and sharing code.

565 repositories created so far this semester
17,670 total repositories
450 active users in the last month
105 organizations

Help Desk Calls

914 calls opened with the Help Desk in the last month
119 calls about wired/wireless network connection
45 calls about Duo Multi-Factor Authentication
18 calls about G Suite

ITS Blog

We make a few posts to the blog each week.  The most popular blog posts from the last year tended to be profiles about ITS staff and MakerSpace related.

On-Campus Traffic

  1. Welcome MakerSpace Manager Russell Prigodich
  2. “Who Is That?” Series: Introducing Joel Cooper
  3. MakerSpace – Workshop Series
  4. How much paper do we print?
  5. Gmail is Getting an Upgrade
  6. Cool New Feature in Moodle
  7. “Who Is That?” Series: Introducing Aixa Pomales
  8. “Who Is That?” Series: Introducing Mark CJ Davis, Jr.
  9. Makerspace Made Grad School Possible: Interview with Tracy Tang
  10. “Who Is That?” Series: Introducing Jess Stockett

All Traffic

  1. Free Office 365 Education for Students
  2. Active Learning Inside the Classroom
  3. Multi-level lists in Adobe InDesign
  4. R, R Studio and DataCamp
  5. Scalar Web Projects and Non-linear Presentations
  6. Welcome MakerSpace Manager Russell Prigodich
  7. “Who Is That?” Series: Introducing Joel Cooper
  8. Gmail is Getting an Upgrade
  9. New Features for Google Calendar
  10. MakerSpace – Workshop Series