Disappearing student work (how to avoid)!

As we are all now using Google Drive to store and collect content from students and each other, we’d like to bring to your attention a sometimes overlooked inconvenience… If you have asked students to submit content to you by sharing files from their own Google accounts, or by placing them into folders you provide in your personal Google Drive space, then you may be in danger of losing access to that material once the student’s account is removed from the College’s systems after they graduate! You can tell by looking at the “Owner” listing of any files you’re worried … Continue reading Disappearing student work (how to avoid)!

AODocs Improvements

AODocs, which we use here at Swarthmore on top of Google Drive to provide some needed functionality, has been improving their product.  Late yesterday they released Version 42 of AODocs, which brings some nice new features for both ITS Systems Administrators and many users.  For those that connect directly through the AODocs interface (log into https://www.aodocs.com/, not just using the AODocs Smart Bar in Chrome with Google Drive), you can now prevent viewers of your shared content from downloading, copying or printing your shared files.  There are also improvements to the Folder picker interface, allowing you to have more options for … Continue reading AODocs Improvements

ITS Welcomes new Media Center Coordinator Tayarisha Poe

Academic Technology is pleased to welcome new Media Center Coordinator and recent Swarthmore College graduate Tayarisha Poe ’12 to the Information Technology Services team. Tayarisha brings a wealth of knowledge about video production, digital photography, printing and the Adobe CS suite along with her lively and welcoming personality to the Media Center.  She has particular interests in multimedia storytelling, digital cinematography and DSLR video production, and we look forward to a series of instructional workshops she’ll be hosting through the academic year on these and other media related topics. Continue reading ITS Welcomes new Media Center Coordinator Tayarisha Poe

Adobe CS5 Suite for Mac now available

The Adobe CS 5 Suite for Macintosh is now available from the ITS software page for all College faculty, staff and students to use. This version, brings with it a host of new features that people have been clamoring for, here at the College, and returns us to parity between the Mac and Windows versions. Some of the more notable improvements include: Photoshop’s automatic retouching, Illustrator’s variable stroke width, Photoshop’s puppet tool, improvements to Illustrators Pathfinder panel, Photoshops Content-Aware fill and improved edge detection, and Illustrator’s dashed lines behave, and an upgrade to a more current Camera Raw for those … Continue reading Adobe CS5 Suite for Mac now available