The Help Desk Top 10

Ever wonder what the folks at the Help Desk answer most often?  Below is our top 10, as well as a copy you can download (PDF) if you’d like.

1. Did your account get locked after hours?
Wait a full 30 minutes for your account to unlock on its own before trying again.

2. Did you know that we have online tutorials for free, 24/7/365? Pick a topic, watch a short video:

3. Have a guest visiting campus? Have them connect to SwatGuest and open a web browser
(e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari) for further instructions on how to connect to wireless.

4. Do you know what phishing is? Report suspected phishing emails to phishing{at}

5. Do your voicemails sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks or Droopy Dog?
While listening to a voicemail, you can press ‘4’ to slow down messages and ‘6’ to speed them up.

6. Did you (or “a friend”) spill something on your laptop and wonder what to do next?

7. How do you find your Employee ID number? Hint: it’s not the one on your ID card!
You can find it on mySwarthmore (, printed on your payroll, or by calling HR.

8. Is email from someone you know being sent to the Quarantine? Log into and add their email address to your allow list.

9. If Thunderbird is slow, go to the File menu and choose “Compact Folders.”

10. If you call the Help Desk and get our voicemail, don’t hang up! Please leave a message with a detailed description of what’s happening — including which operating system you are using — and we will call you back as soon as possible.