The Help Desk Top 10

Ever wonder what the folks at the Help Desk answer most often?  Below is our top 10, as well as a copy you can download (PDF) if you’d like. 1. Did your account get locked after hours? Wait a full 30 minutes for your account to unlock on its own before trying again. 2. Did you know that we have online tutorials for free, 24/7/365? Pick a topic, watch a short video: 3. Have a guest visiting campus? Have them connect to SwatGuest and open a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari) for further instructions on how to connect to … Continue reading The Help Desk Top 10

UPDATED: Protect the Data on Your iDevice (iPad, iPhone, etc.)

There are three easy actions you can take to immensely enhance the data protection capabilities of your “iDevice” and your investment in it.  These are particularly important if you access any College or personal data with your device. 1) Use an alphanumeric passcode iPads and iPhones can actually encrypt the data they contain!  However, to utilize this capability, a passcode has to be set.  Although a four-digit passcode will minimally suffice (there’s software available to easily crack these), the best option is to enable the use of alphanumeric passcodes.  This is done by going into Settings and then selecting General … Continue reading UPDATED: Protect the Data on Your iDevice (iPad, iPhone, etc.)

Use Your Swarthmore Credentials Only at Swarthmore

Your Swarthmore “credentials”, the combination of your Swarthmore email address and password, should only be used with Swarthmore College on-line services.  These credentials should never be used for personal accounts at non-Swarthmore websites. Websites are regularly compromised and users email addresses, along with passwords, are subsequently stolen.  A short list of popular websites that were recently compromised follows: eHarmony LinkedIn Yahoo Voices The Student Room Formspring Android Forum techradar Philips Sony Entertainment etc… If you use your Swarthmore credentials for a non-Swarthmore account and that website gets hacked, your Swarthmore on-line services would then be readily available to the … Continue reading Use Your Swarthmore Credentials Only at Swarthmore

Identity Management/Account Provisioning to Launch April 19, 2012

For the past year ITS has been working diligently to enhance the way accounts and permissions are defined and handled on Campus.  For faculty, staff, students and others who need Swarthmore College accounts, ITS worked with numerous departments and individuals to define these various roles along with their associated permissions and access rights. The goal of this project was to define the roles and permissions associated with our end-users as well as to streamline the account provisioning and de-provisioning procedures.  ITS contracted with a third party vendor in order to streamline and automate this process and after months of work … Continue reading Identity Management/Account Provisioning to Launch April 19, 2012

Swarthmore College has joined EDUROAM

EDUROAM is an international group of colleges and universities that allow people from member institutions to use each other’s wireless networks, without jumping through any special hoops. EDUROAM is relatively new in the United States. In fact, we are the first small liberal arts college to join. However, there are thousands of member institutions in Europe and it is growing elsewhere as well.  For example, there are over 150 places in France where you can use your Swarthmore College userID and password to get on their wireless network. Likewise, if you are hosting scholars from Europe or the U.K., it’s very … Continue reading Swarthmore College has joined EDUROAM

How Do You Like Your Phish?

Phishing remains an ever popular way to get computer users to install malicious code or visit sites that they didn’t choose.  Many of the phishing attempts here at Swarthmore seem to fall into one of two categories: –          Email account and/or password related –          Government related (i.e., IRS, Federal Reserve, ACH, etc.) It should be pretty easy to recognize the first category since Swarthmore ITS will never ask for your password in an email and will never disable your email account while actively enrolled at or employed by the college. As for emails that appear to come from the U.S. … Continue reading How Do You Like Your Phish?