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Disappearing Moodle Courses

This summer, Moodle introduced a new home page that separates courses into In progress, Future, and Past tabs.  As soon as a course end date passes, it moves from the In progress tab to the Past tab.  This helps keep your home page organized with the information that is most relevant right now.

The end date for the Fall 2017 semester is December 23, 2017.  After this date, all your Fall 2017 courses will move to the Past tab.

Faculty can already see their Spring 2018 courses in the Future tab.  If a course is made available to students, they will be able to see it in the Future tab as well.  The start date for the Spring 2018 semester is January 22, 2018.  On that date, spring courses will move from the Future tab to the In progress tab.  As usual, students will only be able to see courses that faculty have made visible.

Courses are sorted alphabetically within each tab.  We’re working with Moodle to see if we can add functionality to sort the courses chronologically.  If you have a lot of courses in your Past tab, it might be faster to click on the “Browse all courses” and search.  You can enter a course code and semester to quickly find your class (e.g. search for “MATH015 F15”).