Helpful Apps for Finals

Finals may be right around the corner but there is still time to organize and manage your study sessions with these helpful desktop, web, and mobile apps!

Here are a few applications for compiling notes, making quick lists, and organizing information for your classes, as well your study schedule for the week ahead:

Notability (note taking, presentations)
Evernote (note taking, organization)
Todoist (organization)
Google Keep (organization)

Cram is a great tool for creating flashcards and testing yourself or your study group:

Cram (Google Play)
Cram (Apple)

It can be difficult to stay focused sometimes but luckily there are many apps that help you set goals and remind you when you should be on task:

Strides (time management, goal tracker)
Forest (time management)
Be Focused (time management, goal tracker)

If you use any apps for your studies that you think would be useful to the college campus, please fill out this google survey form: or send us an email at and we will compile a list of  helpful apps used by the college community in a future post. Please do mention how you believe they have improved your studies or time management during finals!