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Honors Directing Thesis PETER PAN (5/2 – 5/4)

The Department of Theater at Swarthmore College presents an Honors Directing Thesis: PETER PAN OR THE BOY WHO WOULD NOT GROW UP, written by J.M. Barrie in 1928.

Come see the story of the boy who refused to grow up and a world where imagination is the only thing you need. Travel with the Darling children to the magical Never Land, a place where adventure abounds, make-believe rules supreme, and danger lurks in the shadows of pirate ships.

Directed by Katie Goldman with
Nora Batelle
Sarah Branch
Maddie Charne
Cameron French
Cooper Harrington-Fei
Eileen Hou
Allison Hrabar
Stephanie Kestelman
Henry Kietzman
Rosie McInnes
Josh McLucas
Moeko Noda
Ariel Pearson
Michaela Shuchman
Grant Torre

Performances will be:
Friday, May 2nd at 7:00pm
Saturday, May 3rd at 1:00pm and 7:00pm
Sunday, May 4th at 1:00pm

Designs By: Tess Amram (lights), Niki Cousineau (choreography), Sam Swift Shuker-Haines (sound), Adam Riggar (set), Dyan Rizzo-Busack (costumes)

Stage management: Marta Roncada

Honors Directing Thesis: LEX & GOLDALINE: A MIRROR FUGUE IN THREE ACTS (4/11 – 4/13)

LEX&GOLDALINEposter2The Department of Theater at Swarthmore College presents an Honors Directing thesis, LEX & GOLDALINE: A MIRROR FUGUE IN THREE ACTS, conceived and directed by Swift Shuker.

A devised work, LEX & GOLDALINE, is at once a peaceful meditation on home and the creation of families, as well as a disorienting deconstruction of linear space and time. The theater is turned into a house, and each audience member follows one of two corridors into one of two rooms. They watch people live in this house, small and complex moments of love. Sometimes time goes forwards, sometimes backwards. Sometimes, time stops and expands and sings a song. Everyone sees the same show, just not in the same order. Everyone is in the same house, but the house is larger on the inside than on the outside. Throughout this dilation of spacetime, two sisters, Lex and Goldaline, discover sex.

LEX & GOLDALINE is a nonlinear, quiet, and ambitious exploration of intimacy, in its infinite complexity, and the limitless storytelling of the touch of another’s hand.

WHEN: April 11th at 7PM and 9PM
April 12th at 2PM, 7PM and 9PM
April 13th at 1PM and 3PM

Seating will be limited.  First come, first served.

LPAC Frear Ensemble Theater

Honors Directing Thesis EQUIVOCATION (3/21 – 3/23) in the Frear

by Morgan Williams

by Morgan Williams

Remember, remember, the 5th of November

The Gunpowder Treason and plot;

I see no reason why Gunpowder Treason

Should ever be forgot.

History has always been written by the victors. In Equivocation, a play by Bill Cain, this concept is explored to the full when it’s imposed on the world’s most widely-read historian: Shakespeare. Half Shakespearean drama, half Quentin Tarantino historical fiction, Equivocation starts with the premise: what if Shakespeare was contracted to write the official version of the Gunpowder Plot, and what if the Gunpowder Treason was all a government set up?

Directed by Marta Roncada, Equivocation by Bill Cain will be performed in the Frear Ensemble Theatre on Friday, March 21st at 8pm, Saturday March 22nd at 2pm and 8pm, and Sunday, March 23rd at 2pm.

Performed by: Simon Bloch,  Casey Ferrara, Cooper Harrington-Fei, Nathan Siegel, Elliot Weiser,  Morgan Williams

Set Design: Robert Klimowski
Costume Design: Rebecca Kanach
Sound Design: Adriano Shaplin
Lighting Design: Amanda Jensen
Dramaturgy: Madeline Charne
Stage Manager: Grant Torre

Honors Acting Thesis: THE THREE MUSKETEERS (2/21 – 2/23)

3Musketeers PosterWhen: Opens February 21st at 8PM.
Additional shows February 22nd at 2PM & 8PM and February 23rd at 8PM.

Where: LPAC Frear Ensemble Theatre

This spring’s Honors Acting Thesis promises to be a gender bending, swashbuckling physical comedy overflowing with misaligned adventure. Four Swarthmore students are taking the plunge on the story of the Three Musketeers and creating an entirely original piece from the ground up under the guidance of guest director and playwright Anisa George.

The Ensemble/Creators include Katie Goldman ’14, Madeline Charne ’14, Mark Levine-Weinberg ’14, and Anna Russell (HC) ’14. Stage Management by Annalise Lowery ’17. Costume Design is by Rebecca Kanach. Lighting Design is by Amanda Jensen. Sound Design is by Adriano Shaplin, and Fight Choreography is by Brett Cassidy.


Honors Playwriting Thesis reading: THE REAL WORLD WILL NEVER ARRIVE (2/2/14 @ 4PM)

The Real World Will Never ARrive

Please join us for a staged reading of Sam Swift Shuker-Haines ’14 Honors Playwriting Thesis, THE REAL WORLD WILL NEVER ARRIVE.

Sunday 2/2/14

LPAC Frear Ensemble Theatre

Directed by Adriano Shaplin and featuring some performers from Applied Mechanics, this play deals with an epidemic of suicides at a high school. Come support this new work!

Anna Russell’s Directing Thesis: IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK (Sun., 12/15/13 @ 6PM & 7PM)

AnnaRussell The Department of Theater and the Advanced Directing Workshop (THEA 055)

A Devised Piece By Anna Russell HC’14
Co-Created with Casey Ferrara ’14, Sara Lentricchia ’15, Jameson Lisak ’15, and Alexander Rojavin ’15 with script consulting by Danica Harvey ’15

Sunday, Dec. 15, 6 pm
Sunday, Dec. 15, 7 pm

Frear Ensemble Theatre (Room 1, LPAC)

IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK is a show that explores the relationship between perception and identity.  Who do we think we are, and who are we really?  How do we go about creating these ideas of ourselves and others, and what does a theatrical setting do to these questions?  IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK attempts to play with these inquiries and test the limits of their application, so if you’re in for a crazy ride of identity-bending proportions, this is the show for you.

Free and Open to the Public