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Drama Board brings consent workshop to the Matchbox Studio

Cristen Kennedy ( comes to Swarthmore to lead a workshop about consent, boundaries, and intimacy in Theater and performing arts. Drama Board and the Department of Theater are thrilled to host this workshop about this very important and relevant topic. Come and learn how to be a better theater artist by cultivating a respectful and safe collaborative artistic environment. All are welcome.

The workshop will take place Sunday, February 11, 2018 from 1:00 – 3:00. in the Matchbox Kuharski Studio room (lower level on the other side of the weight room, entrance is next to the pool).

Follow the facebook event to stay up to date:

Upcoming Events Spring 2018

The Tempest (by Drama Board): Join our Theaters majors in an amazing student-led production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest!

3/30 @ 8:00 PM, LPAC Frear Ensemble Theater

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4/1 @ 2:00 PM, LPAC Frear Ensemble Theater

Theater: John Jarboe’s Cabaret: Come join us in watching an Acting Capstone production of John Jarboe’s Cabaret!

4/27 @ 8:00 PM, LPAC Frear Ensemble Theater

4/28 @ 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM, LPAC Frear Ensemble Theater

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ALSO: The Spring 2018 Dance Concert

5/4 @ 4:30PM, LPAC Pearson-Hall Theater

5/5 @ 8:00 PM, LPAC Pearson-Hall Theater