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SPRING 2014 Classes available!

SaundersSetDesignStill figuring out your schedule for the Spring?  Sign up for Set Design with Matt Saunders: the course will focus on set design and introduce methods that apply to designing for stage. In class, we will take a look at the set designer’s responsibilities as an artist and collaborator and explore the relationship between text, concept, and production in addition to learning the basic skills of drafting and model making. In addition, we will discuss the relationship between scenery, costumes, and light in performance. A lab component of this class will include an introduction to computer drafting and additional information about materials used for stage construction. The course is designed to serve all students regardless of prior experience in theater production.


There’s also room in Integrated Media for Performance with Tara WebbWebbMediaDesign

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the application of various visual and audio technologies in live theater and dance performance. Discussion of the historical and theoretical context of contemporary mixed-media performance will be combined with an orientation to the available technologies found at Swarthmore and beyond. The class will include the conceptualization and preparation of a series of individual studio projects. The course is designed to serve all students regardless of prior experience in theater production.  We’ll touch base on a little bit of everything from performance art and the avant-garde to uses of multimedia in studio art.


Anna Russell’s Directing Thesis: IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK (Sun., 12/15/13 @ 6PM & 7PM)

AnnaRussell The Department of Theater and the Advanced Directing Workshop (THEA 055)

A Devised Piece By Anna Russell HC’14
Co-Created with Casey Ferrara ’14, Sara Lentricchia ’15, Jameson Lisak ’15, and Alexander Rojavin ’15 with script consulting by Danica Harvey ’15

Sunday, Dec. 15, 6 pm
Sunday, Dec. 15, 7 pm

Frear Ensemble Theatre (Room 1, LPAC)

IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK is a show that explores the relationship between perception and identity.  Who do we think we are, and who are we really?  How do we go about creating these ideas of ourselves and others, and what does a theatrical setting do to these questions?  IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK attempts to play with these inquiries and test the limits of their application, so if you’re in for a crazy ride of identity-bending proportions, this is the show for you.

Free and Open to the Public