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THREE TALL WOMEN in the Frear!

Three Tall Women by Edward Albee

Performances: Feb. 25th and 26th at 8pm, Feb. 26th and 27th at 2pm

Three Tall Women renders the life of a 92-year-old woman whose life has been reduced to crying fits, frequent bathroom trips, a few rapidly decomposing memories, and the rare visit from her son.  In this Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Edward Albee offers an unflinching look at how ideals are born and abandoned, how grudges are formed and relinquished, and how love and grief pass continuously in and out of our lives.  A darkly funny lament on death and dying, Three Tall Women explores the evolution of the self over the course of a life, inviting us to contemplate our deepest fears about love, legacy, and loss.

Honors Acting Majors Eva Amesse (’11), Nell Bang-Jensen (’11), and Isa St. Claire (’11), portray the three tall women of Albee’s masterpiece, playing against type by embracing a rigorously physical approach to character.  They are joined by cast member Brian Ratcliffe (’11), in the role of the Son.