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UNSTUCK, Honors Thesis in Directing (5/3-5/5/2013)

unstuck_poster_2swift UNSTUCK is a new story about memory, creation, and the reality of loss. Inspired by the works of Jorge Luis Borges, Salman Rushdie, David Mazzucchelli, and more, this is a collaboratively crafted tale of magical thinking collapsed into stark magical realism. Shadows dance around an artist and his sister as they push the boundaries of what makes our world physical.

Directed and Conceived by Meryl Sands ’13

and Featuring and Created by
Christina Aruffo ’14, Amelia Dornbush ’15, Sam Swift Shuker-Haines ’14, Joshua McLucas ’15, & Benjamin Books Schwartz ’13.

Stage Managed by Zack Martin ’13
with Set Design by Matt Saunders, Costume Design by Dyan Rizzo-Busack ’15, Lighting Design by Josh Schulman, Sound Design by Elizabeth Atkinson, & Projection/Media Design by Fernando Maldonado ’13


May 3 and May 4 @ 9PM
May 4 and 5 @ 2PM

LPAC Frear Ensemble Theatre


Lanford Wilson’s BURN THIS (4/19-21) in the Frear!


Jeannette Leopold’s (’13) Honors Thesis in Directing will feature Lanford Wilson’s Burn This, a shocking and beautiful story of grief and love. As the play opens, Anna (Anita Castillo-Halvorssen ’15) and Larry (Patrick Ross ’15) have just returned from the funeral of their best friend and roommate, Robbie. Anna struggles with her grief and tries to find solace in her passionless relationship with boyfriend Burton (Daniel Cho ’15). When Robbie’s brother Pale (Alexander Rojavin ’15) bursts into Anna and Larry’s apartment in the middle of the night, everything changes. Burn This shows four people fighting to stay afloat through loss, and through death, and leaves you holding a flame of hope.

LPAC Frear Ensemble Theatre

April 19 – 8PM

April 20 – 2PM & 8PM

April 21 – 2PM

BURN THIS is presented by special arrangement with Dramatist’s Play Service, Inc., New York.

Jean Genet’s THE MAIDS (3/1-3/3)

MaidsPoster2noearringThe Department of Theater presents Honors Acting Thesis THE MAIDS by Jean Genet in the LPAC Frear Ensemble Theatre March 1st, 2013 at 8PM, March 2nd at 2PM and 8PM and March 3rd at 2PM. Jean Genet (1910 – 1986) was a noted French author, playwright, and political activist. Genet believed in theater as an incendiary event and his plays reflect themes that ignore traditional plot and character psychology. Many of his works rely on ritual, transformation, illusion and interchangeable identities. Very loosely based on a true story of two maids who brutally murdered their employers, THE MAIDS takes us on a journey where role playing and reality dangerously melt together. The two sisters in the story are too intimate with each other, too close and only survive their lives in service by playing at becoming their mistress. Working for their glamorous and mysterious employer known as Madame, social oppression, sisterhood, enslavement, and sexual deprivation imprison these two minds in a dark game where nobody wins. The elaborate interchange leads the two sisters towards a neverending morbid fantasy and all that remains is the floating red train of Madame’s elegant dress…

Directed by Emmanuelle Delpech with Jeannette Leopold ’13, Sophia Naylor ’13, and Meryl Sands ’13. Costumes by Alexandra Huber-Weiss ’13.

Kari Olmon’s THE INTENSE FRAGILITY in the Frear on 11/9 and 11/10

The Intense Fragility
Adapted from the diary of Vaslav Nijinsky & the theater of Tennessee Williams
by Kari Olmon
Directed by Walter Bilderback

with Katie Goldman ’14, Danica Harvey ’15, Zack Martin ’13, Meryl Sands ’13, Sam Swift Shuker-Haines ’13 & Kassandra Sparks ’15.

In January of 1919, celebrated Russian dancer Vaslav Nijinsky gives his final ballet performance and begins the diary that will chronicle his descent into madness. In 1936 St. Louis, Rose Williams – beloved sister to renowned playwright Tennessee Williams – discovers Nijinsky’s diary and dreams of escaping into his world. Separated by every possible spatial, temporal, and social barrier, the virtuosic dancer and the secluded sister have one thing in common: both are suspected of a peculiar and precocious dementia that terrifies and repulses their families who will do anything – anything – to contain them. A play about desire, madness, and the legacy of art, The Intense Fragility imagines an encounter outside the slipstream of history that brings two people together in the realm of the subjunctive where anything is possible and fantasy becomes reality.
We welcome you to a staged reading of this piece in the
LPAC Frear Theater
11/9 and 11/10

ALL-ONE! a new play by Sophia Naylor 11/16 and 11/18

In Sophia Naylor’s Honors thesis project, a young heroine called Kate has returned with two friends to the rolling green hills of Ireland where she first realized she saw what others didn’t see: a world colored by synesthesia (the crossing of senses). Meanwhile, the ancient fairies living underneath Kate’s hovel struggle to keep the earth, battered by its human population, from tearing itself apart at the seams. In the face of destruction and disorder on a grand scale, Kate and the fairies strive to at least be remembered for their attempt to keep back entropy.
A staged reading will take place in the LPAC Frear Theater Friday, November 16 and Sunday, November 18 at 7PM.

Written by Sophia Naylor ’13. Directed by Jill Harrison with James Magruder (Dramaturg).

Join us for Jessica Cannizzaro’s Honors Thesis in Dramaturgy (May 1st and 2nd at 7PM)!

The Department of Theater at Swarthmore College presents Jessica Cannizzaro’s Honors Dramaturgy Thesis, Fireside Tales: Legends and Lore from the Forgotten Wilderness on May 1 and May 2 at 7pm, in the Frear Ensemble Theater. Fireside Tales is compiled and written by Jessica Cannizzaro, based on and using America’s local legends, beloved folk songs, and best kept secrets.

The play takes place in the main room of the Evanston Public Library in Illinois, just before the library is torn down by the city. A motley group of citizens has gathered to see the library and its many stories, the staples of their community, one more time before they are gone forever. The play is an exploration of storytelling, and the many ways our stories change across state, across time, and across culture. In every instance, storytelling becomes not just about the words being shared. It is the way we link a smell of turkey cooking in the oven to the story of a family dinner in 1997. It is the feeling of cold feet under warm quilts as you await a new bedtime story.

Direction and vocal coaching is provided by Guest Artist Adrienne Mackey ’04. Adrienne Mackey is a director who creates original and compelling theater using the power of the human voice and the forms of the human body. In 2009 Adrienne founded Swim Pony Performing Arts – a company devoted to exploring the possibilities of live performance. Adrienne has been awarded the Independence Foundation Fellowship and the CEC New Edge Residency, and is a five-time recipient of the Garrigues voice scholarship.

Faculty Advisors are James Magruder and Allen Kuharksi.

The event is free and open to the public without advance reservations.  For further information, contact Tara Webb at twebb1@swarthmore.edu or call 610-328-8260.