Makerspace Made Grad School Possible: Interview with Tracy Tang

  The Beardsley MakerSpace is a welcome resource for students, faculty and staff who are eager to create and realize their ideas physically. MakerSpace Manager Russell Prigodich and the Academic Techology team are ready to help you realize your ideas in … Continue reading Makerspace Made Grad School Possible: Interview with Tracy Tang

SPEED Projects for Summer 2017 Announced

ITS and the Libraries are pleased to announce the SPEED Project awardees for the Summer of 2017. Each Spring, the Swarthmore College Libraries and ITS invite all current employees to submit proposals to Swarthmore Projects for Educational Exploration and Development (SPEED). SPEED awards provide dedicated support from software developers, librarians, academic technologists, and student interns for an eight-week period of project development.  With a SPEED project team’s help, faculty and staff can create a new digital object or resource that enhances teaching or facilitates undergraduate research. For Summer 2017, the projects will focus on Data Visualizations.  From infographics to interactive … Continue reading SPEED Projects for Summer 2017 Announced

Data Visualization and Projection

Data visualization involves the presentation of data in a pictorial or graphical format that engages the viewer with information. These visualizations can then be printed, displayed, or projected into spaces to make difficult concepts easier to grasp, reveal patterns that would otherwise be opaque, or provide alternative interpretations of information. They can be used artistically, theatrically or informationally and can change the way people inhabit space. Interactive visualizations may respond to user inputs, or live data feeds and take the concept a step further by allowing you to drill down into charts and graphs for more detail, changing what data … Continue reading Data Visualization and Projection

Dr. Ruben Puentedura’s talks on academic technology

Over two days in July, Dr. Ruben Puentedura, a noted consultant and speaker on educational technology, gave four presentations at a summer mini-conference sponsored by ITS. The topics of the sessions covered areas in which Puentedura sees untapped transformative educational potential: mobile computing, data visualization, gaming, and use of web 2.0 tools in support of communities of practice. Continue reading Dr. Ruben Puentedura’s talks on academic technology