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8 Surprising Things Swarthmore ITS Offers

ITS offers a wide range of services, some of which you might not know about.  The following eight services are available to the campus community.  To learn more, get in touch with your Academic Technologist.

1. Free 3D Printing and Laser Cutting

Last week, ITS announced free 3D printing for the campus community.  We have three 3D printers and a laser cutter in our new MakerSpace in Beardsley Hall.

2. Chromebooks

Any member of the campus community can check out a Chromebook from Media Services for a short term loan.

3. Supercomputing

Anyone at Swarthmore can access supercomputers through a partnership with the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) or via the Open Science Grid.

4. Awesome Online Training

Swarthmore has subscriptions to Lynda.com and DataCamp.  Lynda has thousands of tutorial videos on a wide range of topics including software and web development but also business and how to land a job.  DataCamp has high quality data-science videos on learning R, Python, and visualizations.

5. Videoconferencing

Zoom is the best way to do video web-conferencing and the campus community has free access.

6. Quadcopter 3DR Solo Quadcopter

ITS has a quadcopter available for checkout for academic projects.

7. Free access to Amazon Web Services

Interested in setting up your own server, doing number crunching, or using the cloud to power your startup?  Faculty get $200 and students get $100 per year to spend on Amazon Web Services (AWS) through AWS Educate.

8. AutoDesk Software

We have free access to a wide range of AutoDesk software for artists, designers, and engineers, including AutoCAD/Inventor (computer-aided design), Maya/3DS Max (3D animation and modeling), and Sketchbook (drawing and design).