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GREAT PIECE OF TURF (Sound Design THEA 014E) by Anna Marfleet ’19

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The Department of Theater presents an Independent Study in Sound Design (THEA 014E) by Anna Marfleet ’19, GREAT PIECE OF TURF (OR, KING OF THE KITCHEN), a multimedia concept album.

GREAT PIECE OF TURF (OR, KING OF THE KITCHEN) follows the life of Joel, an excellent cook, gifted gardener, avid CCR fan, and infamous host, and his unfortunate relationship with his father. Composed of half original songs and half non-musical ambient auditory “scenes” (as well as a booklet of visual accompaniments) this project gives us a window into both Joel’s childhood in the rural south touring with a youth choir, and his old age in an extravagant yet quickly crumbling country house in upstate New York.

Album Release Date: 12/13/16