THE END, A Queer Reckoning (Acting Capstone 4/27 + 4/28)

the end poster

And by “the apocalypse,” we’re actually referring to the metaphorical end of the world as we know it: graduation.  Join the complex and multi-dmensional non-binary Korean-American with remarkable charm and theatrical ability, Wesley Han, (and a straight white guy) on a queer cabaret extravaganza as they wallow in their existential dread and ponder what it means to be spat out by a cheerfully hypocritical institution – like Swat – into a world that is cold, brutal, harsh, unforgiving, merciless, hostile, uncaring, volatile, inhospitable, untamable, and wow – really just couldn’t give less of a sh*t about you.  Expect food and drink, fabulous outfits, and the most f*cking eclectic mixtape of songs you’ve ever heard.

Friday, April 27th and Saturday, April 28th at 8PM and 10:30PM
PACES Cafe in Tarble in Clothier

The End: A Queer Reckoning

a cabaret by Wesley Han and Oliver Lipton
Directed by John Jarboe
Music directed by Pax Ressler

​Lights by Yoshi Nomifura ’18
Costumes by Max Brown
Set by Michael Lambui
presented by the Department of Theater

Seating is limited. First come, first served. More info: or 610-328 8260