2018 Senior Company presents HIR by Taylor Mac (12/1-12/3)

HIR_paper_ver(updated)Isaac, an average, young, cis-het male, returns home from the war in Afghanistan to find his family exploring the uncharted frontiers of gender. Taylor Mac’s HIR is a hysterically queer spin on the classic American living-room drama that asks the age-old question – what makes or breaks a family? Come watch Isaac, his parents, Paige and Arnold, and his sibling, Max, as they crash through their run-down suburban house in an absurd and surprising shakeup of American family stereotypes.

Directed by Wesley Han ‘18 with Scenic Design by Yoshifumi Nomura ‘17, Costume Design by Tara Webb, Lighting Design by Robin Stamey, and Sound Design by Elizabeth Atkinson. Performed by Oliver Lipton ‘18, Alexandra Kingsley ‘20, Gerald “Jack” McManus ‘21, and Victoria Lee-A-Yong ‘21.

LPAC Frear Ensemble Theater
12/1 8PM
12/2 2PM, 8PM
12/3 2PM