Film and Media Studies and the Department of Theater are excited to announce Building Genre: A Collaborative Design Workshop. Part workshop, part design challenge, Building Genre invites students from both FMST and Theater to explore the art of production design and mise-en-scene in real time. In their respective industries, theater, film, television, and new media all converge on the process of production design.This workpostershop provides students with an entry point into that process.

Presented with a genre scene on the day of, students will have four consecutive one-hour sessions to research and determine a design plan for their genre scene, assemble design-appropriate props and costumes, and finally stage the scene for the other groups and audience. True to professional life, participants will work as part of a team, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in production design. One student in each group will document the design process as it happens.

Final presentations will be juried and critiqued by participating faculty from both FMST and Theater.

We invite all interested students to participate! Workshop size limited to 30 total. Please register at this link. Lunch and snacks will be provided!

If you can’t participate but you’re interested in student work, come by for a visit! The workshop will be open to visitors and curious campus members who want to walk through and witness the process of building mise-en-scene.

Friday, November 3, 2017
12 PM – 5PM
LPAC Frear Ensemble Theat

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