Honors Directing Thesis MERCURY FUR (4/24 – 4/25) up next in the Frear

Mercury Fur PosterThe government has riddled the poor areas of the city with addictive hallucinogenic butterflies, once-habitable neighborhoods have descended into anarchy, and those remaining have bought their survival by creating a black market of goods and services catering to the dark sides of the privileged. MERCURY FUR follows two brothers and their chosen ‘family’ of outcasts as they throw a particularly vile party for a businessman.

CONTENT WARNING: This performance includes references to suicide, sexually explicit language and situations, verbal and physical violence, gun shots, and flashing lights.

LPAC Frear Ensemble Theater
4/24/15 @ 8PM
4/25/15 @ 7PM & Midnight

Starring Tyler Elliott ’15, Simon Bloch ’17, Wesley Han ’18, Swift Shuker ’14, Stefan Tuomanen-Masure ’15, Michaela Shuchman ’16, and Ben Grandis ’15

Stage Managed by Grant Torre ’17, Scenic Design and Fight Choreography by Matt Saunders, Puppet Design by Aaron Cromie, Costume Design by Fae Montgomery ’17, Lighting Design by Amanda Jensen, Sound Design by Liz Atkinson.