Jobs backstage!

Dear students,
The THEATER DEPARTMENT is looking for help in the following areas: backstage crew, wardrobe or hair/makeup crew, light board operator, sound board operator, and video operator! If you can work the hours, we can pay you.

March 27-April 7: Production Ensemble, THREE SISTERS (All positions needed except Light Board operator)
3/27-3/28: 6-11PM
3/29: 1-11PM
3/30: 11A – 11PM
4/1-4/7: 6-11PM
4/6 + 4/7: 12-5PM

April 13-21: Directing Thesis, Jeannette Leopold, BURN THIS (Light and Sound Board operators needed)
4/13 -4/14: 11A-11PM
4/15-20: 6-11PM
4/20 + 4/21: 12-5PM

April 27-May 5: Directing Thesis, MERYL SANDS (All positions needed)
4/27: 11A-11PM
4/28-5/5: 6-11PM
5/5 + 5/6: 12-5PM

April 7-9: Night of Scenes Directing Workshop (Light and sound board operators needed)
5/6-9: 6-11P

Let us know if you have any questions or if you’re interested in working some, but not all of the hours.

Here’s the formal job description:

Job Title: Student Technician
The LPAC Student Technician will have various duties and responsibilities depending on the needs of each show. These may include but are not limited to operation of lighting and sound systems, maintaining and repairing essential equipment, helping with preshow preparations, cleaning and organizing storage of equipment and supplies and serving as run crew for performances.  If working show calls as a stagehand, black shoes, pants, and shirts are required.

Supervisor: Adam Riggar
Pay Category: 2

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