Coming to campus October 1, 2010: Telephone Bronco does CARTOGORAPHASIA

Come see Telephone Bronco’s Cartogoraphasia, on FRIDAY OCTOBER 1ST at 8PM in the Frear Ensemble Theater, LPAC. Cartogoraphasia was developed for this year’s Philly Fringe and originally performed at the Circle of Hope Church in Philadelphia.

from the Broncos:
We tethered together myriad strings: memory, subjectivity, personal and political borders, sexuality, and the nature of the mind. Cartogoraphasia is the result of our explorations along all these paths. No surprise, then, that it’s also a celebration of anyone who is an intrepid adventurer, whether they’re exploring the caverns of their own subconscious or the contours of a lover’s hand. Cartogoraphasia’s themes ran together as our synapses fired, drawing distant connections and logics together. Eventually a web appeared, and the entire project of Telephone Bronco unfolded. We hope that as you take in the performance, the links will become clearer and more complex.

Telephone Bronco Theater Company is comprised of Theater Department alums and current students Nell Bang-Jensen ’11, Isa St. Clair ’11, Emma Ferguson ’10, Eric Holzhauer ’10, McFeely Sam Goodman ’10, Louis Jargow ’10, and Jessie Bear ’09. Take this once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Cartogoraphasia right on campus!