Philabundance, an organization dedicated to fight hunger in the Delaware County by supplying inexpensive, nutritious food to communities, announced on February 25th, 2012, that they are planning to open a supermarket in Chester by the Spring of 2013.

Philabundance plans on buying a vacant building that once housed one of Chester’s old supermarkets. They are advertising the supermarket as a cheap way to get nutritious food for Chester, which has been classified as a food desert.

This supermarket would be Chester’s first supermarket in over a decade, although there are markets like the Chester Co-op that sell nutritious food which can be purchased with food stamps.

The market would also provide around 30 jobs to Chester citizens, although it is unknown whether people with previous felony records would be able to have a job in the market. However, the main goal is to supply cheap, sometimes free, nutritious food to Chester citizens.