Crime Rates in Chester

Looking at the statistics on the number of violent crimes and property crimes per year in Chester can be harrowing, but even more so when comparing these averages to the average across the United States.

One crime index for Chester consistently ranges from 900-1000 while the US average is 308.4. The higher the crime index, the more crime that occurs.

While these numbers are helpful in understanding the high crime rate in the city, the graphs displaying the statistics of each type of crime illustrate even more clearly the disparity between the crime rate of Chester and that of the rest of the United States.

The number of times a certain crime is committed per population is significantly higher than for the rest of the country, except in thefts.

Looking at the other side of this data intended to fix the problem, the statistics show that the number of law enforcement employees per 1,000 residents in Chester is approximately the same as the Pennsylvania average. The crime rate is generally acknowledged to be alarmingly high in Chester, but the statistics and corresponding graphs show just the the scale of the problem.



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