Pennsylvania State Education Association and Chester-Upland School District

The Pennsylvania State Education Association, or PSEA is a labor union that represents nearly 200,000 employees working in publicly-funded educational institutions in Pennsylvania.

PSEA’s mission is, “[t]o advocate for quality public education and our members through collection bargaining.” Its vision is, “[t]o be the preeminent voice for education and the leading force for labor in Pennsylvania.”

PSEA identifies its core values including: Being a member-driven organization, collective action based on core union principles, dignity and equity for all students and members, diversity, integrity in words, actions, and data, and quality professional services by and for members.

On March 9th 2012, PSEA filed a federal complaint regarding alleged civil rights violations of approximately 700 special education students in the Chester-Upland School District. Bankruptcy in the CUSD led to budget cuts that seriously affected special education students. PSEA’s complaint alleges that the State of Pennsylvania gives disproportionate payouts to charter schools which leads to diminished resources for traditional students, particularly special education students.

The State of Pennsylvania currently allocates over $24,000 per special education student per year to charter schools while giving roughly half that to special education students in the district. Vahan Gureghian, business mogul and founder of Chester Community Charter School, is the largest individual campaign fund contributor to Tom Corbett.

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