Chester has numerous waste treatment facilities, incinerators, soil remediation and more. Each can release different, harmful chemicals into the surrounding area, possibly causing health issues in Chester residents.

According to the Delco Alliance:

Chester has the highest percentage of low-weight births in the state, and has mortality rate and lung cancer rates that are 60% higher than the rest of Delaware County.

Houses in Chester are cracking because of constant stream of waste and garbage into the city.

Blood-lead levels among the children of Chester are higher than anywhere else in Pennsylvania.

Chester Westinghouse incinerators are permitted to burn 2,688 tons of trash per day. Trash comes from all over the East coast in order to stay in business. They fined for excess of CO and SO2, have lost cesium, and a trash-to-steam incinerator is the largest of six incinerators across the state of Pennsylvania and the seventh largest in the country.

Ninety percent of Delaware County’s sewage and wastewater goes to the DELCORA facility, which burns the sludge that it removes from the sewage and wastewater, and emits pollutants including arsenic.

Thermal Pure Industries is aan infectious medical waste treatment facility which treats waste coming from hospitals, morgues, doctors’ offices and veterinarians. Autoclave-sterilizes waste with steam so that it can be landfilled or incinerated.

Soil Remediation Service burn off contaminants in soil and releases more pollutants.

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